Communism in China

Timeline created by Derpy123
  • Revolutionaries overthrow the emperor

    The alliance overthrows the emperor.
  • Support of Peasents

    Mao Zedong gains support of the people buy giving them land.
  • Mao is elected to the KMT

    Mao is elected to the KMT as a member of the party committee.
  • Mao joins the CPC

    Mao joins the CPC to help seize control of land. He is later kicked out.
  • Mao institutes Communism

    Mao institutes Communism in the land under is control.
  • Jiang Joa defeats Moa

    The long March causes Moas army to be crushed. Only 7000-8000 suvive, mostly to disease and starvation.
  • the 2nd Sino-Japanese war

    Japan declares war on China.
  • Communism invades China

    The peoples republic of China is founded and Mao is elected Chairman.
  • Communism destroys resistance

    The communist party destroys their last opposing threat.
  • The Great Leap Forward

    Chairman Mao announces a five-year plan forcing the people to melt down all products that contained iron and steel. This was done to make China the greatist exporter of iron but resulted in famine.