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  • John Adam's last year of presidency

    John Adams term started in 1797 and went to 1801. He was a Federalist ultimately becoming the first president to belong to one specific political group.
  • 1800 census

    There were 5.3 million people in the U.S.A in 1800. 6 people lived in one square mile
  • Thomas Jefferson presidency

    Thomas Jefferson took office in 1801 and ended it in 1809. Thomas Jefferson had two vice presidents while he was in office the very first president to have two.
  • Ohio

    Ohio is found at the western boarder of pennsylvania although pennsylvaina became a state well before Ohio. That doesn't mean that nobody knew it was there it just means that it took longer to secure and become a state.
  • Congress decision

    Congress ends african slave trade in the U.S. I believe that this was a good decision because it showed other nations that we can make important decisions as well.
  • James Madison presidency 1809-1817

    James Madison followed Thomas Jefferson in a lot of ways one was that he also had two vice presidents. He was also a Republican and was born in Virgina these were all things that compared to the president before him.
  • 1810 census

    7.2 million people lived in the U.S. in 1810. U.S population grew by 2 million people in 10 years
  • Louisiana

    Louisiana is a southern state that became a slave state later on along with many others unfortunately. Louisiana is a very populated state with 103.2 people per square mile in 2009.
  • Indiana

    Indiana isn't a very big state with only 35,867 square miles of land. Indiana's capital is probably the biggest city in Indiana with 844,220 people living in the city.
  • Second Bank of U.S.

    The second bank of the U.S was pretty much just like the first but the second bank had limited success and suffered from poor management later on.
  • Mississippi

    Mississippi is a southern state that is outlined to the west by the mississippi river. The state of mississippi Isn't a very populated state at all with 6i.4 people per square mile.
  • James Monroe Presidency

    James Monroe was president from 1817-1825 he kept the Republican party going and became the third straight president to belong to this party. James Monroe also made his home state proud by being the fourth president out of five to be from Virgina.
  • The Erie Canal

    The Erie canal was made so that americans could make trade easier on the water. The Erie Canal spanded over 363 miles long which also helped travel just by how long the canal actually was.
  • Illinois

    Illinoism became a state in the year 1818 Illinois is a northern state that is east of the mississippi river this is probably why it became a state sooner than the other ones.
  • Alabama

    Alabama became a state in the year 1819. Alabama is a fairly large state measuring 50,744 square miles.
  • U.S gains Florida

    U.S gains florida in the treaty of Amity after the U.S removed all the seminole Indians out of Florida. After the U.S removed the Indians they wanted the territory of Florida because they now thought they deserved it.
  • Maine

    Maine is as north as you can go on the east coast and the suprising thing is that at one point in time maine was a slave state until a southern state was added to swithch roles with them.
  • Missouri Comprimise

    The Missouri Comprimise was made possible by the Senate and the House of Representatives. They believed that this was very important but it took a little longer for the senate to realize this then the House but on March second it finally passed the Senate.
  • Census in 1820

    9.6 million people lived in the U.S in 1820. The population was once again raised by 2 million people in the ten years between 1810 and 1820.
  • Missouri

    Missouri is west of the mississippi but most people consider states in the area the midwest. Missouri is a very flat state and part of the state is in tornado alley because of the lack of hills and mountains.
  • The Santa Fe Trail

    William Becknell opens the Santa Fe Trail west after hearing that Mexico Gained their independence from the Spanish Becknell quickly made a trail to the near by trading city.
  • Monroe Doctrine

    The Monroe Doctrine was written towards England but England paid little attention to it in the beging because thety still saw us as a little country and one that was still growing into itself
  • John Quincy Adams Presidency

    John Quincy Adams was president for only one term 1825-1829. He ended up losing a second term to Andrew Jackson in a heated campaign.
  • Jedediah Strong Smth Journey

    Many trappers made a long journey to the far away state of California. The trappers were happy with what they saw on the road their with beautiful hunting grounds.
  • Tariff of Abominations

    The Tariff was to help the northern Industries of the United states and it would strongly effect the industries in the south that were getting low priced Imported goods.
  • Andrew Jackson Presidency

    Andrew Jackson was president from 1829-1837 after beating out Adams in the previous election. Andrew Jackson was the first president to be from the Democrtic party.
  • Indian Removal Acts

    Andrew Jackson came up with the Idea and wanted to relocate them to the west where they wouldn't have to deal with them. Many tribes were wiped out but nobody except native people and christians saw the indecency.
  • Census 1830

    12.8 million people live in the United Staes in 1830. New York city had the largest population out of all the city in 1830 (200,000).
  • Nat Turners Rebellion

    Nat Turners rebellion started in Virgina when Nat Turner started out to fight for freedom. The 55 white Massacure became the largest slave rebellion in U.S history
  • Charter Renewed

    Andrew Jackson vetos bill for the bank of America that could have renewed the charter for the secound bank the recharter passed the House of Congress but it did not change Jacksons decision.
  • Texas Revolution

    The Texas revolution was attempting to break away from Mexico and reform the Texas Rebellion the way they wanted to.
  • Arkansas

    Arkansas has a little more square milage than Alabama with a total of 52,068.
  • Battle of The Alamo

    The Battle of the Alamo was a very bloody battle and over 400 hundred people died defending it and all of them are known as true hero's trying to defend Texas boarders.
  • Michigan

    Michigan is a northern state near the great lakes michigan also looks just like it's neighbor Wisconsin. They both have the same shape and are only 2,000 square miles different in size.
  • Martin Van Buren

    Martin Van Buren took office for only one term from 1837-1841. Just like the president behind him Martin Van Buren was from the Democratic party this was just the beging of what is still one of the biggest political partys out there.
  • Trail of Tears

    The Cherokee Indians were forced to leave the eastern U.S With the Indian removal acts. The Cherokee ended up moving west of the mississippi and most of the elders and young people in the group died on the long trip.
  • Census 1840

    17 million people lived in the U.S in 1840. There was a big jump in population between 1830 and 1840 with 5 million more people coming into the U.S.
  • William Henry Harrison

    Harrison took office with high hopes and big dreams only to have them cut short by illness. The illness lead him to his death only one month after his inauguration in the year 1841.
  • John Tyler

    John Tyler was President Harrisons vice president and finished out his four year term. President Tyler never had a vice president through out his whole term whish ended inb 1845
  • Wagon Trail

    The First wagon train reached the territory of Oregon by following the Oregon trail. This was a very long jorney all in all spaning 2,000 miles to a supposed paradise of Oregon.
  • Florida

    Florida became a state in 1845 Florida was allowed to become a state because a man named Andrew Jackson was able to secure the area away from all the Indians.
  • Texas

    Texas is a very big state found at the boarder of Mexico. Texas is right around the top if not the top in square miles with 261,797 you could almost fit 5 1/2 pennsylvania into Texas.
  • James K. Polk Presidency

    James K. Polk served a four year which started in 1845 and went to 1849. He was a representative for the Democratic party. He became the third Democratic president following Andrew Jackson, and Martin Van Buren.
  • Irish Potato Famine

    This effected U.S trade with Ireland because there was no potatoes to trade and there was no export or import to the country of Ireland.
  • Iowa

    There aren't very many people who live in Iowa is mostly made up of farm land. Iowa doesn't look like a very big state but it's actually deseant size at 55,869.
  • American Mexican War

    The U.S wanted California and other Mexican territories so the U.S went on the offensive and started to attack on three flanks on to the north through Texas, one to the west through california and new mexico, and to the west from port Veracruz.
  • Wisconsin

    Wisconsin is a northern state found right on the great lakes just like their neighbor Michican. That's why in the little league world series their division is called the Great Lakes Division.
  • End of a war Beginning of the California Gold Rush

    In 1848 we ended the Mexican american war and gained one third of Mexican Territory. The California gold rush started in 1848 after the U.S gained California form Mexico.
  • Zachary Taylor Presidency

    Zachary Taylor had a short presidency tha only lasted on year 1849-1850. He was the third president to be in the political party Whig that started with William Henry Harrison.
  • California

    California is a very big state with 155,959 square miles california is also a very populated state it might not of been in 1850 but it became a popular state with world wide attractions. Sacramento is the capital but it isn't the biggest or most glamourous city in the state.
  • Census 1850

    23.1 million people now called the U.S home in 1850. The population went up in 1850 but there was actually less people per square mile because th U.S added 4 more states.
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