Cold War - By Kim Blair

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  • "Communism and Capitalism"

    Joseph Stalin gave his famous speech declaring that Communism is the opposite of Capitalism and the two shall oppose one another.
  • "Iron Curtain"

    Winston Churchill speeks of the division between Communist and Capitalist Europe while visiting the United States (and specifically Truman's home state). This speech was a response to Stalin's speech.
  • Truman Doctrine

    Truman states that the United States will help all oppresesed people fighting a regime that they don't like. He specifically meant Greece and Turkey at this time.
  • Soviet Union gets A-Bomb

    This event changed the US foreign policy completley, as the US had planned on Nuclear dominance for years.
  • Federal Defense Administration established

    Federal Defense Administration established
    The US duck and cover type dealio.
  • KGB established

    Effectivley the Russian CIA in American terms (MI:6 in British terms). This spying dudes was legit.
  • Suez Crisis

    Isreal, Great Britian, and France invade Egypt expecting US backing. Kruschev publicly declares that the USSR will send military support to Egypt against the Allies, while Truman says they need to leave quietly.
  • Sputnik Launch

    Sputnik Launch
    This launch began the historic space race between the US and Russia as well as inspiring a generation.
  • Nasa Mercury Project launches

    This was the US response to the Sputnik launch. Things got real.
  • Fidel Castro Takes Power

    Fidel Castro Takes Power
    Castro overthrows Batista and turns Cuba all communist and junk.
  • The Kitchen Debate

    Kruschev visits the US and they have a rip roaring hilarious good time. In which they try to out do one another in the highly competitive world of Kitchen Appliances.
  • JFK elected

    JFK elected
    That oh so famous president who's name is only three letters was elected. This won't last long.
  • Bay o' Pigs

    The CIA invades Cuba to try and assasinate Castro. Failed, and there is a common view that the failure was the fault of Kennedy for canceling air support.
  • Berlin Wall

    The wall put up at the behest of the East Germans. The USSR, contrary to popular belief, opposed the wall.
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    USSR puts nuke on Cuba pointed at the US, in range of most major US cities.
  • Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

    US, USSR, and Great Britain ratify a treaty that stops the testing of nuclear weapons in the atmosphere, underwater, and in outer space. This does not prevent testing underground.
  • JFK shot in the face.

    JFK shot in the face.
    Remember how I said JFK wouldn't last long? It really didn't.
  • Gulf of Tonkin incindent

    A US ship in the Gulf of Tonkin off Vietnam was attacked. Then the stupid radar man thought they were attacked again, and thus began the Vietnam War. Great work, Radar Guy, great work indeed.
  • North Korea captures USS Pablo

    North Korea captures USS Pablo
    North Korea captures a boat that they still have.
  • Apollo 11

    The US puts the first men on the moon in the form of Neil Armstron and Buzz Aldridge.