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    Was one such physician. he regarded mental disorders as stemming from emotional, resorting to methods such as natural diets and massages.
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    This theory expresses that the human body is made up of four basic substances, known as humors.
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    Johann Weyer

    Johann Weyer
    Was a pioneer in the field of medicine and
    psychiatry. He said that mental illness was something physical that was somewhere in the brain and it wasn't just demons or possessions
  • Franz Galls studied the phrenology

    Franz Galls studied the phrenology
    He said the features of the skull gave information about people’s faculties.
  • Wilhelm Wunt

    Wilhelm Wunt
    Wundt established the world’s first experimental psychology laboratory at the University of Lepzig
  • Sigmund Freud

    Sigmund Freud
    While functionalism was prominent, the perspective of American psychoanalysis was taking shape in Europe. Its founder, the Austrian physician Freud, believed that a part of the human mind, the unconscious, contains thoughts, memories, and desires that lie outside of personal consciousness.
  • Halls and others

    Halls and others
    Establish a American Psychological Association (APA)
  • Lightner Witmer

    Lightner Witmer
    The first Psychology Clinic opens at the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Alfred Binet

    Alfred Binet
    Binet development the world's first IQ test, the Binet-Simon scale.
  • L. Witmer founded the clinical psychology

    L. Witmer founded the clinical psychology
    published his first journal of clinical psychology
  • First clinical journal

    First clinical journal
    Publishes the first professional journal dedicated to clinical psychology, the first issue of The Psychological Clinical.
  • Charles Spearman

    Charles Spearman
    The University of Cambridge where a psychological laboratory was established in 1912.
    During the First World War and went on to write the first scientific paper describing the condition known as ‘shell shock’.
  • American Association of Clinical Psychology

    American Association of Clinical Psychology
    Clinical psychologists break with the APA and the American Association of Clinical Psychology was born
  • AACP again with APA

    AACP again with APA
    Association of Clinical Psychology joined again with the APA
  • Rorschach spot test

    Rorschach spot test
    The first publication of the Rorschach stain test was made in 1921 by the Ernst Bircher publishing house of Bern.
  • Functionalism - William James

    Functionalism - William James
    For the functionalists, the assumptions regarding the mind were derived from the theory of evolution and their objective was to know the functioning of the mind and behavior, in an attempt to help the organism adapt to the environment.
  • Publication of the T.A.T

    Publication of the T.A.T
    First form of the projective test, thematic apperception test (T.A.T) by Henry Murray and Christiana Morgan.
  • Wechsler (Wechsler-Bellevue)

    Wechsler (Wechsler-Bellevue)
    He published his first intelligence test called Wechsler-Bellevue
  • MMPI test publication

    MMPI test publication
    Starke R. Hathaway and J. C. McKinley publish The MMPI patented by the University of Minnesota.
  • DSM I

    DSM I
    The American Psychiatric Association publishes the psychiatric categories (DSM I)
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