Civil War Timeline

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  • Northwest Ordinance

    Northwest Ordinance
    Democracy got bigger and the US claimed more land. More people started expanding and settling they entered the union fully. It started will the 13 colonies. This is important because this started the first step into Westward Expansion.
  • Louisiana Purchase

    Louisiana Purchase
    This was the first land acquisition. He secured the Mississippi River which was beneficial to transportation and trade. It also added land that the government-owned. This land was purchased from a loose interpretation of the elastic clause. This set a way for future acquisitions.
  • Missouri Compromise

    In 1819 there were equal slave and free states. When Missouri wanted to join it messed up the balance. So the compromise was to let Missouri join as a slave state and Maine as a free.
  • Monroe Doctrine

    Monroe Doctrine
    This document was basically a warning. To European countries to not mess with North or South America. It set a basis for future presidents' affairs with Latin America. This was important because it already set standards for the future. So there won't be any issues when the time comes.
  • Nullification Crisis

    Nullification Crisis
    Where states had to right to discard taxes that they felt were harmful to the state.Gov. passed a high tariff and the state tried to null it. The issue was mostly about states rights.
  • Texas Annexation

    Texas Annexation
    Texas declared independence when the Mexicans in control outlawed slavery. Because they wanted to be a slave state. But the US got the Republic of Texas. It was important because I added more land for the government to own.
  • Oregon Treaty

    Oregon Treaty
    Spanish, US, and Britain jointly claimed the land. Spain no longer did after a treaty was signed so it left the US and Britain fighting over the land. To avoid war they negotiated a treaty that gave us the 49th parallel control over that part of the land. It was important it avoided another war with Britain.
  • Mexican Cession

    Mexican Cession
    Mexican Cession completed Manifest Destiny.
  • Compromise of 1850

    It introduces popular sovereignty. Admit California as a state. The slavery issue will now be decided about will now be decided by popular sovereignty. selling slaves wasn't allowed but slavey was in Washington D.C. New laws stated that the North had to turn in runaway slaves.
  • Kansas-Nebraska Act

    Kansas-Nebraska Act
    Stephen Douglass proposes popular sovereignty to see if these states would be a slave state or free. This act overturned the Missouri Compromise. Both sides sent their people to sway voters.
  • Bloody Kansas

    The Kansas-Nebraska act was so controversial that it got violent over which is which. Which is why it's called bloody Kansas. But the republican party came out of the chaos
  • Battle of Bull Run

    Even though the Union was up in the beginning the Confederacy won this Battle. This shocked people who wanted the war to end quickly. And was a surprise to the production of modern warfare. The president changed generals in hopes of having the Union win in the end. It was important because this was the first start to the competition of who will win.
  • Battle of Fort Sumter

    Battle of Fort Sumter
    It was when the confederates fired at the union. As a result, the commander surrendered. He surrendered on April 13th and was taken away the next day. This was important because this was the start of a long-lasting battle.
  • Battle of Antietam

    This was the single bloodiest day of the war. The first Southern invasion to the North. Even though the Union had more losses the Confederacy retreated and Lincoln took this chance to go through with the Emancipation Proclamation. This was important because this is was proved the outcome of the Emancipation Proclamation.
  • Emancipation Proclamation

    Emancipation Proclamation
    Lincoln was afraid of the border states so he made the Emancipation Proclamation. It was promoted as a "military measure' against the confederacy. This also made it hard for Britain to support the South now.
  • Battle of Vicksburg

    After trying many times to take the city Grant and his forces forcefully cuts of everything from the town. The president believed that the capture of the city would make them win. Days later the Confederacy surrendered. This split the Confederacy into two and the union took control of the Mississippi River. This was important because it was a big turning point in the western theatre.
  • Battle of Gettysburg

    Lee was trying to be slick and take some Union ground. But the Union was smart and lee had to retreat to Virginia because his soldiers were either dead or wounded so badly. This was the South 2nd and last time invading the North.
  • Period: to

    Presidential Reconstruction

    It was basically trying to get the southern states back in with other states. Not to re-build but to re-establish them. With the outcome of the war and slaves. This was very important o the gov. because they needed the south for land and economical uses.
  • Gettyburg Address

    Gettyburg Address
    Lincoln goes to a battlefield turned cemetery for soldiers that died there. And said a speech to commemorate their lives. And also remind the people of what happened and the importance of the matter.
  • Sherman's March to Sea

    Sherman's March to Sea
    Sherman was following the total war strategy. In which he led his people to the sea from Tenessee to Georgia. His main objective was getting the Savannah,Georgia Port.
  • 13th Amendment passed

    It ended slavery. If the Southern states wanted to have governments they had to recognize this amendment. But black codes were a way of them saying that they don't care and are still going to do what they want to.
  • 14th Amendment passed

    This amendment was birthright citizenship for all men. If you were born in the US no matter black or white you were legally a citizen. This overturns the dread Scott decision.
  • Period: to

    Congressional Reconstruction

    It was basically an attempt to control the people. They wanted to have the states do whatever the government says. They wanted to punish the south
  • 15th Amendment passed

    15th Amendment passed
    This was to recognize that ALL men could vote. Even if you are black or white