Civil War Causes Timeline

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  • Missouri Compromise

    Missouri Compromise
    A compromise to let states enter as either a slave state or a free state by a longitude line to keep the peace.
  • Period: to

    Nat Turner Slave Rebellion

    Nat Turner tried to get slaves to rise up against their owners and they killed over 60 whites.
  • Period: to

    War with Mexico

    A war with Mexico over the land of modern-day Texas, Nevada, and New Mexico.
  • Wilmot Proviso

    Wilmot Proviso
    Tried to pass a law that would close slavery in new states that we got from Mexico.
  • Compromise of 1850

    Compromise of 1850
    More states came in as free and the fugitive slave laws became more enforced.
  • Fugitive Slave Act

    Fugitive Slave Act
    When slaves escaped up north the owner could go and get them.
  • Publication of Uncle Tom's Cabin

    Publication of Uncle Tom's Cabin
    A novel about a southern plantation that opened the eyes of the northerners.
  • Kansas- Nebraska Act

    Kansas- Nebraska Act
    Let Kansas and Nebraska decide whether they were free or slave by popular sovereignty, leading to Bleeding Kansas.
  • Period: to

    Bleeding Kansas

    Mini-war over the fact of popular sovereignty and whether or not they would be a free or slave state.
  • Dred Scott Decision

    Dred Scott Decision
    Slaves were deemed not citizens and the MC of 1850 was deemed unconstitutional.
  • Period: to

    John Brown’s Raid on Harpers Ferry

    John Brown raided the national arsenal and was tried as a traitor.
  • Abraham Lincoln elected president

    Abraham Lincoln elected president
    This election made the southerners extremely mad.
  • South Carolina secedes

    South Carolina secedes
    The first to secede after Abe was elected.
  • Formation of the Confederate State of America

    Formation of the Confederate State of America
    All 11 states had seceded at this point and the north knew the war was just beginning.
  • Period: to

    Fort Sumter

    The first battle of the civil war.
  • Antietam

    Battle on union ground, union victory, bloodiest single-day battle
  • Period: to


    North takes over the Mississippi river
  • Period: to


    Battle on union ground bloodiest multi-day battle
  • Appomattox Courthouse

    Appomattox Courthouse
    Where the treaty was signed so the war was over.