Civil Rights Movement

Timeline created by Jack Donnelley
  • The 13th Amendment

    An amendment that made it illegal to own slaves
  • The 14th Amendment

    Anyone born or naturalized in the US is a citizen, and are not to be denied any rights
  • The 15th Amendment

    A law that outlawed not being able to vote based on race
  • Plessy v Ferguson

    A court case that upheld the constitutionality of racial segregation in a way that made races "separate but equal"
  • Period: to

    Mendez V Westminster School District of Orange County

    A court case that made it illegal in California to segregate school attendees based on race
  • Period: to

    Brown V The Board of Education of Topeka

    A court case that outlawed racial segregation in public schools
  • Period: to

    Montgomery Bus Boycott

    following the arrest of Rosa Parks, African Americans in Montgomery refused to use public buses for over a year
  • Little Rock Nine

    9 High school girls who were accepted into a previously all-white school, and showed that the US Government would uphold the supreme court ruling to desegregate schools
  • Civil Rights Act of 1957

    A law that made it illegal to prevent anyone from voting
  • Period: to

    Greensboro Sit-ins

    A movement in which black customers refused to leave all-white dining establishments without being served
  • Period: to

    Freedom Riders

    During a timespan, civil rights activists took buses into segregated parts of the US to challenge non-enforcement of the US Supreme Court
  • Period: to

    Birmingham Campaign

    A series of peaceful demonstrations that were broken up by brutal methods. The televised coverage of the brutality earned the Civil Rights Movement much more support
  • March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom

    A public demonstration that advocated for the civil and economic rights of African Americans
  • Civil Rights Act of 1964

    A law that guaranteed equal employment for all regardless of race, and limited the use of voter literacy tests that made it difficult for African Americans to vote
  • Period: to

    Selma to Montgomery Marches

    A demonstration held in march for the voter registration of African Americans
  • Fair Housing Act

    A law that prevented discrimination on house owning and buying based on anything