Civil Rights

Timeline created by isabellagould97
  • Executive Order 9981

    Truman signs in Executive Order 9981 which makes it the president’s duty to ensure equality in the armed forces.
  • Brown vs Board of Education

    The Supreme Court rules in favor of Brown stating segregated schools are not equal. This is the first win for African Americans in their fight of civil justice.
  • Rosa Parks is Arrested

    Rosa Parks using the Montgomery bus line sat in a seat meant only for white people. After being asked to move she refused and cops arrested her. This struck protests against the bus depot leading to desegregated busses by 12/21/1955.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. is Arrested

    After anti segregation protests, King was sent to jail where he writes “Letter from Birmingham Jail” stating individuals had the right to not follow and protest unjust laws.