Church History

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  • 1,963 BCE

    1963 - Martin Luther King Jr. #iHaveADream

    Martin Luther King, Jr., a Baptist minister, leads a march on Washington espousing the teachings of Jesus in a civil rights movement that affects all American.
  • 1,962 BCE

    1962 - The Second Vatican Council

    Second Vatican Council begins, the most significant council since Trent. It will promote new attitudes and practices in Catholicism.
  • 1,948 BCE

    1948 - Formation of The World Council of Churches

    The World Council of Churches is formed as an interdenominational body promoting Christian unity and presence in society.
  • 1,921 BCE

    1921 - The First Christian Broadcast

    First Christian radio broadcast over KDKA in Pittsburgh.
  • 1,870 BCE

    1870 - Pope Pius IX

    Pope Pius IX proclaims the doctrine of Papal Infallibility.
  • 1,738 BCE

    1738 - John Wesley's conversion

    John Wesley’s conversion to Christianity eventually leads to the founding of a branch of the Methodist Church although he had no intention of forming a separate denomination.
  • 1,540 BCE

    1540 - The Society of Jesus is approved by the Vatican.

    Founded by Ignatius Loyola, the Jesuit order places its services entirely at the disposal of the pope.
  • 1,534 BCE

    1534 - Henry VIII's Act of Supremacy

    The Act of Supremacy makes the king, not the pope, head of the Church of England.
  • -988 BCE

    988 AD - Conversion of Vladimir, Prince of Kiev

    After examining several religions, chooses Orthodoxy to unify and guide the Russian people.
  • -800 BCE

    800 AD - Charlemagne crowned emperor by the pope on Christmas.

    He advances the church, education, and culture. A good step for both the educational system and the catholic church.
  • -325 BCE

    325 AD - The Council of Nicea

    The Council of Nicea addresses debates perplexing the Church and defines the doctrine of who Jesus really was.
  • -312 BCE

    312 AD - Constantine is converted after seeing a vision of the cross.

    He becomes a defender and advocate of the oppressed Christians.
  • -64 BCE

    64 AD - First persecution of the Christians

    Nero who blames them for setting a fire that burned much of Rome. Christianity soon after becomes a capital crime.
  • -51 BCE

    51 AD - The Council of Jerusalem.

    It rules that Gentile converts do not have to observe the Mosaic Law.
  • -34 BCE

    34 AD - St. Paul is converted and baptised

    Formerly Saul the persecutor of Christians, St. Paul is converted to Christianity and baptised.
  • -29 BCE

    29 AD - Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ

    Jesus is resurrected from the dead.
  • -29 BCE

    29 AD - First Christian Pentecost

    The holy spirit descends onto the disciples. St.Peter preaches, aggregating the first 3000 Christians to be converted and baptised.
  • -28 BCE

    28 AD - Jesus is baptised and the apostles are chosen

    Jesus’ baptism signifies the start of the ministry, found in Luke’s Gospel (Lk; 3: 1, 21, 22) Jesus was accordingly baptised during the 15th reign of Tiberius Ceasar.