Chris McCandless' Journey

Timeline created by B.Urbanski
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  • Willow Creek

    Chris gets a ticket for hitch hiking, and used his Annandale address. His parents caught this and searched for him more.
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    Atlanta, GA

    Chris tells his parents that, in his beloved Datsun, he will be traveling for the summer. This was his way of separating himself from his family and the mental abuse that is entailed.
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    Lake Mead

    Chris takes a hike around Lake Mead, and got a heat stroke. Luckily there were some boaters who helped him get back to Callville Bay.
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    Colorado River

    Chris continues to hitch hike through Arizona, where he bought a canoe and paddled down the Colorado River. He crossed the Mexican border and reached the Gulf of California.
  • Detrital Wash

    After a flashflood Chris was forced to leave his Datsun behind, where it was later taken and used by the police. Chris leaves most of his belongings behind and burns most of his cash.
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    After sneaking back into the U.S. Chris headed to Los Angeles to get an I.D. and live there for a while. Not soon after he couldn't stand being in society any longer and left almost immediately.
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    Bullhead City, AZ

    Chris lives outside of town in a rented out trailer while working at McDonalds. He was living a fairly conventional life.
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    Chris turns up at Niland and meets with the Burres'. They are having a large flea market style sale, and they are vendors. Chris helps them and preaches his beliefs to anyone who would listen.
  • Carthage

    Chris gets a job in Carthage with Westerburg where he works to earn some extra money, in order to buy more supplies for his Alaskan trip.
  • S.O.S

    Chris writes a letter stating that he was in bad shape, he was weak, injured, and dying. He didn't have the strength to hike out and had no more food.
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    Franz drives his to Salton City, where Chris visits Franz. They become very close with McCandless having a profound impact on Franz. He convinces him to adopt the "drifter" lifestyle. When Chris decides to leave Franz drives him to Grand Junction CO, and gives him some extra supplies for his Alaskan journey.
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    Alaskan Journey Begins

    Chris gets a ride with Jim Gallien where he is dropped off at the Stampede Trail, despite Chris being extremely unprepared.
  • Chris' Remains Found

    His body was found in the bus, where it was suspected he had died weeks before from starvation. They found many of the "artifacts" that Chris had accumulated from his travels including a camera and several rolls of film which contained many self portraits of Chris.