John Tyndall (2 August 1820 - 4 December 1893)

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  • John starts to study radiant energy.

    As he began to study radiant energy, it eventually led him to create many other scientific theories such as the Radiant Heat Apperatus, Thermophoresis, and the Tyndall Effect.
  • Radiant Heat is discovered

    Radiant Heat is discovered
    John Tyndall created and used a, "Radiant Heat Apparatus," this allowed John to study the way heat is absorbed into the air. also known as, "Radiant heat." According to the article, "John Tyndall’s radiant heat apparatus," it is stated that, "The result of his experiments was the discovery of Greenhouse Gases and their effects on the earth."
  • Tyndall Effect is discovered

    Tyndall Effect is discovered
    Ph.D Anne Marie Helmenstine, explains the Tyndall Effect as, "The Tyndall effect is the scattering of light as a light beam passes through a colloid." This led to helping the light bulb be brighter by removing defects from the glass and other micro-particles that could be in the light bulb.
  • Thermophoresis is discovered

    Thermophoresis is discovered
    John Tyndall was the first person to develop and use Thermophoresis, according to ScienceDirect's article, "Thermophoresis" Thermophoresis is explained as, "Thermophoresis is a force generated by the temperature gradient between the hot gas and the cold wall effecting the particulate movement towards the cold wall."