Charles Dickens

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  • Charles Dickens is born

    He was born on february 7, 1812 in Portsmouth. His paents were John and Elizabeth Dickens
  • He being working at Warren´s Blacking Factory

    Dickens had begun workinf ten-hours day at Warren's Blacking Warehouse, on Hungerford Stairs, near the present Charing Cross railway station.
  • Charles Dickens begins work at law office of Ellis and Blackmore

    In May, through connections made by his mother, he obtained a position at the law firm of Ellis and Blackmore. Dickens was a law clerk. His duties included keeping the petty cash fund, delivering documents, running errands and other sundry tasks.
  • Charles Dickens publishes The Pickwick Papers

    After the publication the widow of illustrator Robert Seymour claimed that the idea for the novel was originally her husband's; however, in his preface to the 1867 edition, Dickens strenuously denied any specific input, writing that "Mr Seymour never originated or suggested an incident, a phrase, or a word, to be found in the book."
  • Charles Dickens marries Catherine Hogarth

    On 2 April 1836, he married Catherine Thomson Hogarth (1816 – 1879), the daughter of George Hogarth, editor of the Evening Chronicle.
  • Charles Dickens publishes The Old Curiosity Shop

    The plot follows the life of Nell Trent and her grandfather, both residents of The Old Curiosity Shop in London. Master Humphrey's Clock was a weekly serial that contained both short stories and two novels (The Old Curiosity Shop and Barnaby Rudge). Some of the short stories act as frame stories to the novels.
  • Charles Dickens Dies

    On 8 June 1870, Dickens suffered another stroke at his home, after a full day's work on Edwin Drood.nThe next day, on 9 June, and five years to the day after the Staplehurst crash, he died at Gad's Hill Place never having regained consciousness.
  • Great Expectations" Is Released

    Great Expectations is a 1946 British film directed by David Lean and based on the novel by Charles Dickens.