Charles Darwin

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  • Born

    Charles Darwin was born in Shrewsbury, a very old market town near the Welsh border in the county of Shropshire. This was a very rural town that contributed to darwin's fascination with nature.
  • Published "The Origin of Species"

    Published "The Origin of Species"
    According to Francis (55) In this piece, Darwin theorized that the differences between species and the variations of species did not prove that one species was superior to another; rather, variation was evidence of the process of evolution at work. He also talks about the theory of natural selection and how animals were forced to change to cope with various environments.
  • How "The Origins of Species" was received

    How "The Origins of Species" was received
    The release of the "The Origin of Species" immediately drew attention from the Christian church and other religious affiliates. This book split the scientific community down the middle. Some opposed the idea of evolution while others believed in it wholeheartedly. Naturally, he was bombarded with questions and explanations of how he arrived at such conclusions. He was unable to convince every natural scientist but he did his best.
  • Published "Descent of man"

    Published "Descent of man"
    The descent put simply is about our evolution as a species. Through sexual selection, the strongest genes survive which over time has transformed the human race to what it is today, from caveman to businessman.
  • How "The Descent of Man" was received

    Darwin refrained from bringing the human race into the natural selection realm for 12 years. When he finally did with this book, it was better received than he anticipated. With the fangs of natural selection being sunken in, people where more opened minded to the idea of human evolution. There will always be naysayers and it was no different in this case. To this day some people, mainly rooted in religion, refuse to believe that the human race evolves from what is essentially gorillas.
  • Death

    Charles Darwin died from heart disease at his family home, Down House, in London. He was buried at Westminster Abbey.