Chapter 3 & 4

Timeline created by AurelisP
  • Sep 24, 1517

    Martin Luther

    Martin Luther begins Protestant Reformation
  • Sep 24, 1536

    John Calvin

    John Calvin of Geneva publishes "Institues of the Christian Religion"
  • Africans

    First Africans arrive in Virginia
  • Mayflower

    Pilgrims saill on the Mayflower to Plymouth Bay
  • Dutch

    New Netherland is founded by the Dutch
  • Population Increase

    English population in America increases to about 2,000
  • Charles I

    Charles I dismisses Parliament and persecutes Puritans
  • Purtians

    Puriitans found Massachusetts Bay Colony
  • More Colonies

    Connecticut and New Haven colonies are founded
  • Roger Williams

    Willians is convictted of heresy and founds Rhose Island colony
  • College

    Harvard College is founded
  • Pequot War

    conflict between the Pequot tribe and an alliance of Massachusetts Bay, Plymouth, and Saybrook colonies and their Native American allies
  • Anne Hutchinson

    Anne Hutchinson is banished from Massachusetts colony
  • Fundamental Order

    Connecticut's Fundamental Order is drafted
  • English Civil Order

    English Civil War begins and end in 1648
  • New England Confederation

    New England Confederation is formed
  • William Bradford

    William Bradford completes "Of Plymouth Plantation"
  • New Sweden

    New Sweden is conquered by New Netherland
  • Half-Way Covenant

    Half-Way Covenant is established for Congregational Church membership
  • More Colonies

    East and West Jersey colonies is founded
  • Freemen

    Virginia assembly disfranchises landless freemen
  • King Philip's War

    King Philip's War begins
  • Bacon's Rebellion

    Bacon's Rebellion happens in Virginia
  • More Slavery

    Mass expansion of slavery in colonies
  • Pennsylvania

    William Pennd found Pennsylvania
  • Dominion of New England

    in conjunction with New York and New Jersey, consolidated under the royal authority -- James II. Charters and self rule were revoked, and the king enforced mercantile laws-
  • Glorious Revolution

    overthrows Stuarts and the Dominion of New England
  • Leisler's Rebellion

    Starts in 1689 and end in 1691 in New York
  • Withces

    Salem Witch Trials in Massachusetts
  • More Colleges

    College of William and Mary founded
  • Royal African Company

    Their slave monoploly ended
  • Higher Population

    Population of English colonies in America to about 250,000
  • New York Slave Revolt

    9 whites died & 21 blacks were executed
  • South Carolina Slave Revolt

    more than 50 blacks tried to march along the Stono River to reach Spanish Florida but were stopped by the local militia