Chapter 29 Timeline

Timeline created by tkintali
In History
  • John Kay invented the flying shuttle

  • James Watt's steam engine

  • Samuel Crompton invented the spinning "mule,"

  • Edmund Cartwright invented a water-driven power loom

  • Luddites struck against mills and destroyed machines

  • Fourteen Luddites hung, and the movement died

  • George Stephenson invented the first steam-powered locomotive

  • Luddites struck against mills and destroyed machines

  • British craftsmen started cotton textile industry in New England in 1820s

  • Bessemer converter made cheaper, stronger steel

  • Rail networks developed in 1860s

    Integrated various regions of United States
  • Heavy iron and steel industries in 1870s

  • Assembly Line introduced by Henry Ford

    Later (1913), Henry Ford introduced assembly line to automobile production
  • Period: to

    Industrial Revolution

  • Period: to

    British Industrial Monopoly

    British industrial monopoly, 1750 to 1800, forbade immigration of skilled workers