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  • anton van leeuwenhoek

    he was born oct 24, 1632he died on august 30 1723
    he was the person who had found that ponds and swamps have backteria
  • robert hooke

    he was born on july 18 1635 and dies march 3, 1703
    he had descoverd a cell buy studying a coark with a micrascope and found litthe rooms and said hey theys are like rooms or cells.
  • matthias schleiden

    he was born april 5 1804 and died june 23 1881 he found that all plants are made of cells
  • theodor schwann

    he was born december 7 1810 and died january 11 1882he was a zoologist and found out that all animals are made of cells
  • rudolph virchow

    was born octorber 13 1821 and died september 5 1902 he descovered that all living cells were made only from other living cells and was a pathologists
  • louis pasture

    he had an experiment that showed that if you add a long s shaped neck to a flack or testude it will stop all backteria from entering the mix