Cartwheels in a Sari Timeline

Timeline created by spazzybubbles
  • Jayanti is born

    As the story goes, Guru meditated on Jayanti's soul, and Jayanti brough her hands up to her chest like she was praying, It was then that Guru announced that Jayanti was the "Chosen One."
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    Cartwheels in a Sari Timeline

  • First day of kindergarten

    To avoid a lawsuit, Guru is forced to let all the kids in the community go to public school. This is where Jayanti first realizes that she is not like the other kids.
  • Starts first job as illegal zoo keeper

    No pets were allowed in the community for the longest time. Then Guru discovered that he loved illegal animals and started a zoo in his basement. And of course the Chosen One was picked as a zoo keeper. This is one of the first moments when Jayanti resents Guru.
  • Guru forces Jayanti's mother to have an abortion

    Guru finds out that Jayanti's mother is pregnant and forces her to have an abortion. This creates a divide between Jayanti's family and adds to the resentment.
  • Guru chooses Jayanti's career

    Guru informs Jayanti that the "Supreme" wishes for Jayanti to work at United Nations and get Guru a spot on a board. After failing the typing test, she ends up working in the F.B.I.
  • Jayanti starts dating Oscar

    Jayanti starts dating Oscar. Dating is a huge no-no in the community and if the Guru finds out she will get in huge trouble.
  • Guru Finds out about Oscar

    Guru finds out about Oscar and forces Jayanti out of the country to "cleanse her soul." This just widens the divide between Guru and Jayanti.
  • Jayanti "finds herself again" in Paris

    Jayanti "finds herself again" in Paris and goes back to the community to reconnect with Guru. Any divide is gone now.
  • Jayanti rebels again

    Jayanti gets tired of rules and becomes rebellious. She finds herself another boyfriends and kisses him in front of everyone. Jayanti is asked to leave the community for six months.
  • Jayanti asks to return to the community

    Jayanti asks to return to the community because she has no job or education to fall back on.
  • Jayanti tries to commit suicide

    Jayanti tries to commit suicide after once and for all realizing Guru is a fake. When cutting herself with a razor and finding a gun was too hard, she tried throwing herself in front of a train. This was again thwarted by a passerby.
  • Jayanti is exiled

    Jayanti smashes the shrines of Guru in the meditation room and is permanently exiled from the community.
  • Decides to go to Collegge

    Jayanti decides to go to college and she can get a real job and have something to fall back on that's not guru.
  • Guru dies and Jayanti's daughter is born

    Guru dies on the same day Jayanti's daughter is born.