Carter TL

Timeline created by TylerL07
  • Birth

    He was born in Plains, Georgia, he was the first president to be born in a hospital
  • Began his schooling

    Began his schooling
    He attended plains elementary and high school throughout his childhood from 1930-1941
  • Where He Went to College

    Where He Went to College
    He went to Georgia Southwestern College, then transferred to Georgia Institute of Technology before he was accepted into the United States Naval Academy
  • Became a Naval Officer

    Became a Naval Officer
    He became a naval officer and served on the Seawolf submarine.
  • His Marrige

    His Marrige
    He was married to Rosalynn Smith of Plains, GA
  • First Child

    First Child
    His first son John William (Jack) Carter was born
  • Second Child

    Second Child
    His second son James Earl (Chip) Carter was born
  • Nuclear Submarine Program

    Nuclear Submarine Program
    He worked on designing some of the first nuclear submarines in 1951 and got to command the seawolf
  • Studied Nuclear Physics

    Studied Nuclear Physics
    He studied nuclear physics at Union College to work on designing nuclear submarines
  • Third Child

    Third Child
    His third son Donnel Jeffery (Jeff) Carter was born
  • Resigned From Navy

    Resigned From Navy
    He resigned from the navy after his father died in 1953 and Jimmy had to take over the family peanut farm
  • Was elected to Georgia senate

    Was elected to Georgia senate
    He was a senator for 4 years
  • Fourth child

    Fourth child
    His First Daughter and Fourth Child, Amy Lynn Carter was born
  • Elected Governor of Georgia

    Elected Governor of Georgia
    He was elected governor of Georgia and served for 4 years
  • Announced he would seek the nomination

    Announced he would seek the nomination
    He announced he would seek the Democratic nomination and run for president
  • First book published

    First book published
    His book was titled Why Not The Best and was released on his 51st birthday
  • Second Book Published

    Second Book Published
    His second book I'll Never Lie to You was published
  • Chosen Presidential Candidate

    Chosen Presidential Candidate
    He was chosen as the presidential candidate by the democratic convention
  • Elected President

    Elected President
    He was elected president on November 2nd, 1977
  • Draft Evaders Pardoned

    Draft Evaders Pardoned
    He pardoned the Vietnam draft evaders
  • The camp david accords

    The camp david accords
    The Camp David accords were a peace treaty between Israel and Egypt
  • Second Gasoline Crisis

    Second Gasoline Crisis
    The gas price skyrocketed when the price of oil went up in the U.S.
  • Odd Even Day Rationing

    Odd Even Day Rationing
    The odd-even rationing was a response to the gasoline crisis
  • Hostage crisis in Tehran

    Hostage crisis in Tehran
    The crisis started when college students took 52 hostages in the U.S embassy
  • Carter Announces he would run for re-Election

    Carter Announces he would run for re-Election
    He announced he would be running again for a second term against Ronald Reagen
  • Boycott of Olympics

    Boycott of Olympics
    He boycotted the 1980 Moscow Summer Olympics to protest the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan
  • Economy in Recession

    Economy in Recession
    The economy was in recession after large inflation and a policy adopted by the federal reserve
  • Lost re-election

    Lost re-election
    In 1980 when he was going for re-election, he was defeated 489-49 by Ronald Reagen
  • Reagan Inaugurated

    Reagan Inaugurated
    Reagen was inaugurated after beating Carter in the 1980 election, therefore ending Carter's presidency
  • Started working with habitat for humanity

    Started working with habitat for humanity
    Carter started working for habitat for humanity and building houses for the less fortunate