Carissa Moore

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  • Carissa Is Born

    Carissa Is Born
    Carissa Kainani Moore is born.
  • NSSA Titles

    NSSA Titles
    National Scholastic Surfing Association, Carissa takes the title Open Womens Middle School Girls. Through 2004-2006.
  • Young Surfer

    Young Surfer
    Youngest Surfer to reach a final on an ASP World Title Event.
  • Women's Reef Hawaiian Pro

    Women's Reef Hawaiian Pro
    In this contest there was 5 foot waves and super stoked 16 year old Carissa Moore won 1st place with 14.50 points in her heat.
  • Graduates

    Carissa Moore graduates in class of '10 and recieves a Redbull Jet Ski
  • Women's World Tour

    Women's World Tour
    In the TSB Womens Surf Festival Carissa got 1st On
    October 7-11. Ripcurl Pro: 1st
    October 30- November 4th: 2nd
  • ASP Womens World Tour

    ASP Womens World Tour
    In Hawaii Carissa won the ASP Womens World Tour with 55,000 points. Carissa is the World Tour Champion with Kelly Slater. She took 11 NSSA Titles.
  • Surfing

    Carissa Moore Carissa Moore surfing Hawaii
  • NSSA Titles High School

    NSSA Titles High School
    In High School Carissa Moore took the title Open Womens Explorer Womens
  • US Open of Surfing

    US Open of Surfing
    Carissa Moore won a 6-Star WQS Prime Event.