Canada in WW2

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  • Canada's Industries Gear Up For War

    Canada's Industries Gear Up For War
    Video During WW2 Canada's industries manufactured war materials and other supplies for Canada, Britain, the United States and other allied countries. With the building of new production plants and other buildings lots of jobs were brought to civillians. C.D. Howe brought the "bits and pieces program", the Canadian Cycle and Motor Co ltd. of Weston,Ontario. It built bicycles and hockey skates before the war started then took over manufacturing gun parts, tripods, cradles and pivots.
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    Production of Canadian War Materials

    Video After Britai found themselves defenceless at Dunkirk in 1940 they turned to Canada to assist them in vehicle production of vehicles. Canadian industries produced over 800,000 vehicles of all types. Canada’s harvested lumber went into making fuselages of bombers such as the Wasp, Mosquito, and Hawker Hurricane. Canada assembled a total of 16,000 military aircraft, 10,000 were directly shipped to Britain. The aircraft production industry in Canada employed 120,000 men and women at its peak.
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    Canada in WW2

  • Canadian Youth

    Canadian Youth
    Ration VideoAproximatly 700,000 Canadians under the age of 21 served in uniform during WW2. Sometimes boys as young as 13 would enlist and lie about their age. Some would get in but rejections ended up in the Merchant Navy helping, transport troops and supplies over sea.When most men were oversea youth would have to work long hours on farms to keep a steady food supply.Children learned to raise money for the war effort rationing.They learned to recycle metal, grease, rubber and fat for important products.