Camryn's Life

Timeline created by camrynlarson
  • Camryn's Family

    Camryn's Family
    Camryn has 4 people in her family
    Mom: Angie
    Dad: Todd
    Sister: Kasie
    and herself
  • Camryn's Birth

    Camryn's Birth
    Camryn was born February 19th 1999
    She was born at noon and born in Chandler
  • Disney Land Trip

    Buy tickets to Disney
    Camryn's 5th birthday
    Went to Disneyland with prents, sister and grandma
  • Elementary School

    Elementary School
    Went to Playa Del Rey Elementary
    Attended there K-6
  • Oceanography

    Link to Seaworld website
    San Diego with Oceanography club in 5th grade
    Went to seaworld, an aquarium and a sea watching boat trip
  • Club Soccer

    Club Soccer
    First played for AZSC thunder
    Finshed club soccer with AZ Arsenal
  • Mesquite Junior High

    First day of Junior High School
    Played sports in all seasons
  • Arsenal travels to regionals

    Arsenal travels to regionals
    Regionals in Hawaii
    Got 6th place
  • Camryn's High School

    Camryn's High School
    Mesquite High School Page
    Went to Mesquite High School
    Played soccer and volleyball
  • First homecoming dance

    First homecoming dance
    Freshman year homecoming
    Went with all friends and was super fun
    Was at mesquite high school
  • Washington D.C. trip

    Washington D.C. trip
    Go buy flight tickets to D.C.
    With Grandparents and family
    Stayed for 6 days
  • Permitted to drive

    Permitted to drive
    AZ practice permit test
    Only had to take the test one time
    Went with her dad to take it

    Camryn's Orthodontist
    had braces for 8 years
  • NSCAA national player of the week

    NSCAA national player of the week
    Link to website
    Scored 7 goals in 4 games
    NSCAA and maxpreps national player of the week
  • Mesquite High School Soccer

    Mesquite High School Soccer
    Played Varsity
    Sister was on team for 2 years