Brock Lesnar

Timeline created by jakemcd95
  • Raw

    Lesnar makes first appearence, was managed by Paul Heyman. Introduced to the audience, made an immediate impact.
  • Summerslam 2002

    Summerslam 2002
    LEsnar defeats The Rock to win his first World Championship. Becomes the youngest World Champion in history at age 25
  • Wrestlemania XX

    Wrestlemania XX
    Brock Lesnar loses to GoldBerg, and decides to leave the WWE to pursue a career in the NFL. Was a 3 time champion after only 2 years when he left.
  • Lesnar's NFL Career

    Lesnar's NFL Career
    Lesnar joined the Vikings as a defensive tackle during the 2004 preseason, but was cut before the regular season and ended his NFL career. Shortly after he decides to start an MMA career.
  • Dynamite USA

    Dynamite USA
    After wrestling in Japan for 2 years, Lesnar starts MMA career. First fight was against Min Soo Kim, and Lesnar wins, starting off his MMA career with a win.
  • UFC 116

    UFC 116
    Lesnar wins fight against Shane Carwin by submission. Has a 5-1 record after this fight.
  • UFC 141

    UFC 141
    Lesnar loses fight to Alistair Overeem and decides to retire due to health concerns. Finished with a 5-3 record. Has not ruled out future fights but to this point is retired.
  • Lesnar returns to WWE

    Lesnar returns to WWE
    Brock Lesnar returns to WWE and attacks John Cena, setting up their match for Extreme Rules.
  • Extreme Rules 2012

    Extreme Rules 2012
    Brock Lesnar and John Cena face eachother in an Extreme Rules match. Cena wins but the booking of the match wasn't good and Lesnar should have won. Lesnar takes time off after the match.
  • Summerslam 2012

    Summerslam 2012
    Brock Lesnar faces Triple H at Summerslam. Lesnar wins by submission. Takes more time off after match. He is expected to be back in early 2013.