Blood On My Hands

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  • Chapter 1; Saturday 11:45

    Chapter 1; Saturday 11:45
    P.Gs 1-4
    This girl is sitting beside her friend katherine and is trying to wake her up. Katherine is not budging, and the emts came and said she is dead because she has no pulse. The girl is devastated! She found out her friend was murdered and she picked up the weapon and when the other kids come by they acuse her of killing katherine. Dakota said "call the police, she killed katherine!" and the girl was like no i didnt but everybody was accusing her of doing it.
  • chapter 2-4

    The girl gets accused and has to go to jail.
  • Chapter 4-8

    She gets out of jail and people are bulling her.
  • Chapter 8-12

    She commits suicide becouse of all the bullying.