Bas C. van Fraassen. 04/05/1941 - Present

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  • Bas C. van Fraassen's early years.

    Bastiaan Cornelius van Fraassen was born in Goes, Netherlands in April of 1941. After being separated from his father, who was forced to work in a factory in Hamburg by the Nazis, his family was reunited and emigrated to western Canada in 1956. He finished his undergraduate studies in philosophy at the University of Alberta in 1963, then went on to complete his Ph.D. in 1966 at the University of Pittsburgh.
  • The Scientific Image: Constructive empiricism. with video

    In his book, which is considered to be at the center of his work, Bas argues for the position in the philosophy of science he calls "constructive empiricism." Constructive empiricism states: "science aims to give is theories which are empirically adequate." He did not want to deny that scientific theories are true or false, he wanted to argue that the aim of science is to establish theories that make a difference in ways that matter to us.
  • The Lakatos Award

    Bas van Fraassen won the Lakatos Award for his book "The Scientific Image" in 1986. This award is given annually for an outstanding contribution to the philosophy of science in the form of a book published within the previous 5 years and is in English, it is in the memory of Imre Lakatos and has been endowed by the Latsis Foundation.
  • Scientific Representation: Paradoxes of Perspective

    This is Bas van Fraassen's most recent publication. In this book, he considers scientific measurement outcomes as representations, which presents a new way of looking at science. This book addresses a lot of questions, and one of the most referred to is: "how can an abstract entity, such as a mathematical structure, represent something that is not abstract, something in nature."