Barbara Askins Important Events

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  • Hired to Work at Marshall Space Flight Center

    Hired to Work at Marshall Space Flight Center
    In 1975, after Barbara Askins received her Masters degree in chemistry, she was hired as a chemist to work for NASA in the Marshall Space Flight Center.
  • Barbara Askins Discovers a way to Enhance Space Images

    In 1978, Barbara Askins came up with the idea on how to enhance images from outer space using radioactive materials.
  • Receives Patent for Invention

    Receives Patent for Invention
    Barbara Askins received U.S. patent No. 4,101,780 for a "Method of Obtaining Intensified Image from Developed Photographic Films and Plates."
  • Barbara Askins Named 1978 Inventor of the Year

    The Association for Advancement of Inventions and Innovations named Barbara Askins the 1978 National Inventor of the Year.
  • First Space Shuttle is Launched

    First Space Shuttle is Launched
    Barbara Askins greately helped prepare for the first space shuttle launch.
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    Barbara Askins Helps Mentor Upcoming Woman Scientists