Bank Smack Down (1831-1837)

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  • Election of 1832

    This election was between Andrew Jackson and Henry Clay. At the heart of the election was the Bank issue and the candidates campaigns revolved around the bank. Clay was all for the National Bank, while Jackson was against it. The outcome of this election was a victory for Jackson.
  • Recharter Bill of 1832

    The Recharter Bill was the bill that rechartered the Second National Bank.
  • Jackson's Veto

    Jackson's Veto was him vetoing the recharter bill. He was very against the recharter of the national bank.
  • Henry Clay's Resolution Censuring Andrew Jackson

    In his resolution, Henry Clay along with 25 other members in the Senate, stated the Jackson had given himself power that was not given to him in the Constitution and he had made laws that violated the Constitution. However this wasn't legislation and was just the Senate's opinion. This resolution was eventually removed from the record of the Senate.
  • Deposit and Distribute Act of 1836

    This act took federal funds and placed them into various banks across the nation.
  • Panic of 1837

    This was a crisis of financial and economic conditions in the United States. Changes in the banking system along with the failure of the wheat crop and a depression in Great Britain where the causes of this financial and economic crisis.