Band Of Brothers

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  • Camp Toccoa

    Camp Toccoa
    The 506th Regiment 101st Airborne was a groupe of men who came from many different parts of the country. They were farmers, coal miners, mountain men, and sons of the deep south. Some were poor, others came from middle class.
  • Slapton Sands, Uppottery

    Slapton Sands, Uppottery
    Easy Company fled out to start their journey. Their first stop was slapton Sands April 1st to June 5th.
  • Normandy

    They Parachuted on the west side of France's Channel Coast to try and invade normandy.
  • Carentan

    Easy Company is given the task of taking over the town of Carentan. Carentan must be controlled by the Allied forces inorder for armour, men, ammo, and vehicles from Omaha and Utah beaches to get to them and move on.
  • Holland

    In a nearby town, they meet a very stong team of German Tank and Infantry units. after losing several men, they are forced to retreat.
  • Bastogne

    The 101st airborne is on the edge of the forest near foy. The Germans are bombarding them with 88mm guns.
  • Bastogne

    Then when they thought everything was over, the Germans came back with a counter attack.
  • Germany

    They find an abandoned Consentration Camp while on patrol.
  • Berchtesgaden

    Easy Company finaly took control of Hitler's "invincible" eagles nest at Berchtesgaden.
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    Band Of Brothers