History of Facebook

Timeline created by omonterroso
  • Beginning

    "The Facebook" is launched from a Harvard dorm-room. It begins with only ten users and one server to handle the online traffic.
  • Domain

    Facebook purchases their official domain (facebook.com) for $200,000 USD.
  • Free API

    Free API
    Facebook offers free tools for application developers. Providing the opportunity for independent developers to create facebook-related apps.
  • Financial Success

    Financial Success
    Facebook reaches a total revenue of $150 Million USD. This setting a new record for websites and internet-related apps.
  • Records and Records, Success and More Success.

    Records and Records, Success and More Success.
    Facebook reaches five-hundred million users, thirty-thousand servers and approximately fifteen-thousand related applications. Of course, facebook will continue to grow - it's a matter of time to know how much!