Causey, Odyssey

Timeline created by causeyB
  • Nov 9, 1200

    Trojan War

    Odysseus is a Greek hero of the Trojan War. He left his wife, Penelope, and infant son Telemachus to fight in the war. During the war, The Trojan Horse, at Odysseus's command, was built, then filled with Greeks. It was admitted to Troy despite warnings, and the forces crept out at night and let the rest of the army in, slaughtering the Trojans and razing the city. After the war was over, Odysseus plans to return home which will be a long journey.
  • Nov 13, 1200


    Helios threatened to stop the sun because of Odysseus' crew eating his Cattle. So Zeus sends a storm over to Odysseus. The storm lasted nine days and washed them up on the land of the Lotus-Eaters. The natives who lived there offered some of Odysseus' men the intoxicating fruit of the lotus. Odysseus resists the temptation to taste the lotus. He then drags his crew back to the ship and sets sail as quickly as possible, fearing that his men might've eaten the lotus.
  • Nov 16, 1200


    When Odysseus and his crew were in Sicily they ran into Polyphemus, the cyclops. When he fell into a drunken sleep. Odysseus and his men then took a timber and heated the sharpened end in the fire until it glowed red. They then, with all their might, pushed the red-hot point into the eye of Polyphemus. They did this instead of killing the cyclops because Odysseus knew that the cyclops was the only being who could move the rock that trapped them in the cave.
  • Nov 18, 1200

    Aeolia (Aeolus)

    Odysseus and his men sail to Aeolus, The Ruler of Wind. Aeolus gives Odysseus a bag containing all of the winds. The bag of wind is supposed to guide Odysseus and his crew, home (Ithaca). But as they are sailing in open waters, Odysseus men opened the bag thinking there was gold and silver in there, yet to find out it was full of wind. After they open the bag, the wind takes them all the way back to Aeolia.
  • Nov 20, 1200


    Odysseus and his men travel to Aeaea, Home to the goddess Circe. from there Circe turns Odysseus men into pigs. Odysseus wants her to change his men back to normal so he lets her care for him. She invites him into her bed, then bathes him, feeds him, and then releases his men from the spell she's cast on them. She turned them into pigs because of their troubles.
  • Nov 23, 1200

    Scylla and Charybdis

    As Odysseus sailed through shallow waters, Odysseus faced both Charybdis and Scylla. He told his men to avoid Charybdis which forced them to pass right by Scylla. Scylla ended up killed six of Odysseus' men. After that they tried their best to sail away from the two monsters as fast as possible. Odysseus realized he should've listened to Circe but was lucky enough to still come out alive with loss of 6 of his men.
  • Nov 23, 1200


    When Odysseus and his crew were coming up on the island where that the sirens were on, he made sure him and his crew member ears were plugged with wax. They were able to resist the sounds of the sirens. After the ship passed the sirens flung back into the sea and drowned. The sirens kill people by luring them (with their beautiful songs) towards the treacherous rocks where the sirens make their home.
  • Nov 24, 1200

    Helios' Cattle

    One day when Odysseus was asleep, Eurylochus convinced Odysseus' crew to eat Helios' Cattle. He convinced them by telling them its better to die at sea from the wrath of the gods, than to die of hunger. Odysseus then woke up to find out that his men killed and ate Helios' cattle breaking their oath. Odysseus is furious and then tells Helios. Angrily, Helios asks Zeus to punish Odysseus' men for eating his Cattle. Zeus accepts his request.
  • Nov 24, 1200

    Suiters Home

    While Odysseus was gone with his crew, 108 suitors (52 from Dulichium, 24 from Same, 20 Achaeans from Zakynthos, and 12 from Ithaca) came in and raided his house. They ate all of his food, killed all of his live stock and harassed Penelope for her hand in marriage. Once Odysseus got back, he enters the discus toss contest, and once he wins him and his men kill several suitors while receiving only superficial wounds themselves.