Australian Soccer

Timeline created by Hugh Bell
In History
  • Australia resigns from OFC (UNKNOWN DATE)

  • Australia begins competing in the World Cup South Pacific zone elimination series (UNKNOWN DATE)

  • Australia gets a place in the WC finals in Germany (UNKNOWN DATE)

  • National soccer league starts in Australia (UNKNOWN DATE)

  • Australia rejoins the OFC (UNKNOWN DATE)

  • Conference system starts in the National Soccer League (UNKNOWN DATE)

  • 5 Australian players based overseas (UNKNOWN DATE)

  • National League goes back to 1 conferance setup (UNKNOWN DATE)

  • Sydney City pulls out of League after first round due to lack of funding (UNKNOWN DATE)

  • Overseas player reaches 23 (UNKNOWN DATE)

  • National League top six introduced (UNKNOWN DATE)

  • Australian football internet presence begins (UNKOWN DATE)

  • Australia reaches the Confederations Cup Final (UKNOWN DATE)

  • The Joeys (u17's) reach the World Cup final (UNKNOWN DATE)

  • South Melbourne are crowned Oceania Club Champions (UNKNOWN DATE)

  • Australian Soccer Association is formed (UNKNOWN DATE)

  • The National Soccer League ceases (UNKNOWN DATE)

  • A-League begins (UNKNOWN DATE)

  • Australia defeat Uruguay, over two-legs to reach the World Cup finals for the first time in 32 years

  • Australia officially joins the Asian Football Confederation (UNKNOWN DATE)