Australian History

Timeline created by Lil Bub
  • The colony of NSW was founded

  • The border of NSW was movced further westland

  • Charles Fremantle found the Swan River Colony

  • The Swan River Colony was renamed Western Australia

  • South Australia was proclaimed by a colony

  • The colony of North Australia was proclaimed

  • The colony of North Australia was revoked and returned to NSW

  • Victoria was proclaimed a colony,decreasing the size of NsW

  • Van Diemen's Land was renamed Tasmania

  • The western border of South Australia was confirmed

  • Queensland was proclaimed a colony

  • The western border of Queensland was movedto the east

  • The part of NSW that was north of South Australia was annexed by South Australia

  • Britan declares war on germany and Australia supported Britan

  • Volunteer recruiting begins in Australia

  • Australian naval and military expetition forces capture German New Guinea

  • Australia troops in Egypt after arriving at the red sea