Australian History

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    NSW was founed. According to Arthur Phillips commission of 25 April 1787.
  • NSW was moved

    NSW Moved ferther westward.
  • Swan River

    Swan River was founed by Charles Fremantle
  • South Australia

    South Australia was proclaimed a colony.
  • Nourth Australia

    The colony of Nourth Australia was proclaimed.
  • Nourth Australia

    the colony of Nourth Australia was revoked and reterned to New South Wales.
  • Victoria

    Victoria was proclaimed a colony.
  • Tasmainia

    van diemens land was renamed to Tasmainia.
  • South Australia Border

    South Australia Border comfermed.
  • Queensland

    Queensland was proclaimed a colony.
  • Queensland Border Moved

    Queensland Border Moved139th meridian of longitude east.
  • South Australia Got More Land

    South Wales Gave Land To South Ausralia.