Australian History

Timeline created by JuliaUsinoiwcz
  • James Cook Discovered Australia

    Australia was discovered but not being colonized by the British yet
  • Fleets to Australia

    British sent fleets to begin colonizing Australia
  • Starvation Years

    Lasted one year when one of the colonies had no food or crops.
  • Bolters and Bushrangers

    Lived by stealing horses
  • Toward Abolition

    Has to do with getting rid of slavery
  • To Plough VanDiemen's Land

    They went to go and take VanDiemen's land
  • Metastasis

    Desease struck in Australia
  • Norfolk Island

    They discovered Norfolk Island
  • Government Stroke

    The government whas having trouble deciding what to do and it crumbled
  • Gentlemen of New South Wales

    They talked with the men of wales who were very friendly toward the Australians
  • A Special Scourge

  • Decide to be a Aristocracy

    The government finally makes the decison to be an Arisocracy
  • Bunters, Mollies and Sable Brethren

    Were convicts durning this time period caused alot of issues while colonizing Australia
  • End of System

    Majority of the fighting and big issues were finally over making things much smoother
  • Dams Built

    Australian famous dams were built in this time