Australia's History

Timeline created by Jamster
  • First Fleet

    Captain Cook came to Australia
  • Colony

    New South Wales was founded
  • NSW

    The New South Wales border was moved more west
  • Swan River Colony

    Swan River Colony was a new made state
  • The Swan River Colony was renamed

    The Swan River Colony was renamed Western Australia
  • South Austalia was made

  • North Australia was made

  • Change

    North Australia was taken away and was again New South Wales
  • Victoria is a colony

  • Gold Rush starts

    The Australian Gold Rush Starts
  • New Tasmania

    Ven Dieman's was renamed Tasmania
  • Border of South Australia

  • Queensland

    Queensland was made a colony
  • Queensland

    The Queensland border was moved more eastern.
  • North of south australia annexed

    The part of the New South Wales tat was the north of South Australia was annexed
  • Ned Kelly Dies

    This is when Ned Kelly Died
  • Pacfic Island workers banned

    Pacfic Islanders were banned in 1903
  • World War 1 Started

    This when World War 1 Started