Armenian Genocide

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  • Period: to

    The Bloody Sultan

    100,000 to 300,000 Armenians are killed, between 1894 and 1896, under Sultan Abdul Hamid II, The Bloody Sultan,as a response to Armenian activism for civil rights These killings become known as the Hamidian Massacres.
  • Ottoman Constituation Is Proclaimed

  • The "Accident"

    The Turkis army takes full responsibility for the killing of 30,000 Armenians. The Armenian community considered it an accident and continuted to trust the Turkish governement.
  • Young Turks Get Dominance

    The Young Turks have taken full control of the government, Armenians were upset.
  • WWI

    World War I broke out; this would be perfect oppertunity to bring that Armenian problem to an end.
  • Plans for the Empire

    By explanding the borders across the Caucasus to the Central Asia, the Turks wanted to expand their territory. Although, in it's path was Armenia.
  • Armenian Vandalism

    1,080 shops owned by Armenians are burned in the city of Diyarbekir.
  • Russia vs. Ottoman Empire

    Russia formally declares war against the Ottoman Empire.
  • Armenian Soliders

    Armenians that previous fought for the Ottoman empire are disarmed and killed.
  • Offical Start Of Armenian Genocide

    Offical Start Of Armenian Genocide
    Influencal Armenians (officials, intellecuals ect) are led outside of the city to be exiled. Few were left to return home to share their expierences, causing a panic.
  • Public Hanging

    21 leaders of the Hnchukyan Party are hanged publicly in Constantinople.
  • Genocide On An International Level

    Genocide On An International Level
    Turks are accused on an international level of trying to exterminate a whole population. This all started when The New York Times publishes stories about the genocide.
  • Temporary Relief

    Some Armenians see hope as Russian troops came and attacked along the Eastern Front making their way into central Turkey
  • Russians Withdrew

    A year after coming to aid the Armenians, Russians were recalled back to Russia to help fight for their country in the Russian Revolution.
  • Armenians follow the Russians

    As many as half a million Armenians packed up, gathered, and were prepared to withdraw.
  • Turks Find The Armenian

    The Turks found the Armenians before they were about to leave and killed about 100,000 of them.
  • Battle of Sardarabad

    Armenians acquired weapons, fought, and repelled the Turks back to Turkey with the victory at Sardarabad. Several days later, the Armenian leaders declared their country the Independent Republic of Armenia.
  • The Independent Republic of Armenia

    Days after the victory at the battle of Sardarabad, the Armenian leaders declared their country the Independent Republic of Armenia.
  • World War I Ends

    World War I Ends
  • Genocide Acknowledge

    Ronald Reagan, United States President, officially acknowledges the Armenian Genocide in a speech commemorating the Holocaust.