Ariana's Timeline:)

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  • Day born -

    Was born .
  • First Birthday

    My first birthday 1 year old .
  • tounsils taken out

    i got my tounsils taken out when i was 7 in 2nd grade , i was in the hospital 1 day & i was out of school for a week . & all my current class mates made me a big get well card that i still have
  • I started 5th grade

    I started 5th grade & met my new friends Sarah . paige . Dezmon . Dinochca . Devanie . Jazmin & others. but i am no longer friends with dinochca
  • sarahs house(;

    went to sarahs house at 10:00 a.m. . while we sat down on her couch & watched Paranormal activity 3 . we were very scared while watching that movie . then we made a tye dye cake and mozzeralla sticks . after about 10 minutes of cooking them we tried them they werent cooked . so we then ordered chinese food we got beef sticks and general chicken
  • sister got hurt

    in 2005 . my sister got her tounge split open when she fell down . we went to the hospital .
  • paiges house

    went to paiges house & hung out for a while we had ice cream & then i fell into her room