APUSH- Roger Taney

Timeline created by 086williamsd
  • The Battle of Yorktown (Diplomatic/ Military)

    The Battle of Yorktown began in Yorktown, Virginia. George Washington a seige against General Lord Cornwallis.
  • The end of the War of Indepence (Diplomatic/Military)

    The War of Independence was put to an end by the Peace of Paris treaty.
  • Constitutional Convention (Political)

    The delegates from all over the colonies came to write a form of gov that would fix the Articales of Confederation.
  • The 3/5 Compromise (Social)

    The 3/5 Compromise was enacted. It stated that a slave would count as 3/5 of a person in the population.
  • The US Constitution (Political)

    The US Constitution was ratified.
  • The French Revolution (Diplomatic/Military)

    The French Revolution begins with the Storming of the Bastille.
  • The Bill of Rights (Politcial)

    The Bill of Rights is ratified,
  • The Coinage Act (Economic)

    The US adopting the dollar for their national currency and having the same currancy across the country.
  • Graduates friom Dickinson College (Social)

    Roger Taney graduates from Dickinsoin College at the age of 18.
  • The Louisiana Purchase (Political)

    The a
  • 12th Amendment (Economic)

    The 12th Amendment was added to the Constitution. It provided the procedure for electing the President and Vice President.
  • Marriage (Social)

    Roger Taney gets married to Anne Key (sister of Francis Scott Key)
  • Pride and Predjudice (Social)

    Pride and Prejudice was published by Jane Austen. Deals with issues of upbringing, morality, morality, education, and and marriage. (could not find a specific date)
  • The Monroe Doctrine (Political)

    The Monroe Doctrine was expressed in President James Monroe's annual message to Congress. The Europeans were to respect the Western Hemisphere as the US's sphere of interest.
  • Passenger Railroad (Cultural/Technological)

    The first parssnger-carrying railroad was opened in England.
  • First African American Newspaper (Social)

    "Freedom's Journal" was the first black-owned and operated newspaper in the US, founded on March 16, 1827.
  • Democratic Party (Political)

    The Decmocratic Party was made from the split in the Democratic-Republican Party. Democratic Party was led by Andrew Jackson. (could not find a specific date)
  • The Whig Party (Economic)

    Political opponents of Pres. Andrew Jackson organized the Whig Party to contest Jacksonian Democrats in the states. (could not find a specific date)
  • Missouri Compromise (Cultural/Technological)

    The Supreme Court ruled the 1802 Missouri Compromise unconsitutional.
  • Pres. Abraham Lincoln (Political)

    Abraham Lincoln is nominated for president.