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  • D-Day and The Battle of Normandy

    D-Day and The Battle of Normandy
    VideoCanadians and allied forces fought Germany in the battle of Normandy in order to free France. June 6th was the day the liberation of France started, known as D-day. South of France was protected by many German defensive positions making it difficult for Britain and its allies to advance the 80km they needed. They had to use five landing code names such as Juno Beach for the Canadian division. On August 1944 Paris was finally liberated.
  • The Liberation of Belgium

    The Liberation of Belgium
    videoEarly September of 1944- Canadian soldiers helped Belgium to defeat the Germans and restore peace to the country after more than four years of occupation. Germany occupied Belgium for most of the Second World War. Belgium's allies came ashore in 1943 and following D-Day the embattled Germans began to give away and the Canadians broke out north and east against the retreating Germans. Despite the obstacles the last German defenders were defeated by early November.
  • The Liberation Of The Netherlands

    The Liberation Of The Netherlands
    VideoThe Hunger Winter of 1944-45 was a terrible time for dutch people. Febuary 1945, the First Canadian Army joined allies and pushed the Germans eastward out of the Netherlands. Canadian troops rapidly moved across the Netherlands recapturing canals and farmlands. Canadian forces continued to push, but came to a halt, to allow for a truce. May 5th 1945 the remaining German forces surrendered, finally liberating all of the Netherlands. To this day Netherlands are great friends with Canadians.