Anne Hutchinston's Life

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  • Anne Hutchinson was born.

    Anne Hutchinson was born.
    Anne Hutchinson was born in this year in Alford, England. She was the daughter of a discredited Anglican clergyman, Francis Marbury. Growing up, Anne was educated at home, and would spend her time reading the Bible or other theology books.
  • Anne Hutchinson got Married

    Anne Hutchinson got Married
    Anne Marbury got married to William Hutchinson. He was a merchant in England. He was a "mild-mannered man who was devoted to his wife". They will eventually have 15 children.
  • Anne Hutchinson Migrated to Massachusetts

    Anne Hutchinson Migrated to Massachusetts
    Puritan leader, John Cotton, migrated to Massachusetts because he was upset at the Protestant-led Church of England. A year later, William and Anne Hutchinson followed John Cotton, and migrated to Massachusetts Bay Colony. In the colony, rules were enforced which required everyone to follow the elders, and women, especially, had to be very obedient.
  • Anne Started Discussions

    Anne Started Discussions
    The exact date is unknown, but shortly after moving to Massachusetts Bay Colony, Anne Hutchinson started hosting weekly discussions about John Cotton Sermons at her house. These discussions soon became popular and there were many people coming each week. She would often talk about salvation being gained through inner faith and what you truly believed on the inside, not physically. Some people often accused her of antinomianism, which describes a christian who is not willing to follow the law.
  • Anne was Banished at Trial

    Anne was Banished at Trial
    Anne continued to protest against the ministers teachings. John Winthrop, governor of the colony, became suspicious of her, and had her tried in front of the general court. She was charged for not doing actions fitting to her gender as well as breaking the 5th commandment. She lost the trial, and the court later sentenced her to banishment.
  • Anne got put to Trial Again

    Anne got put to Trial Again
    After the trial, Anne was put into the custody of John Cotton. Cotton tried to convince Anne about her errors, but Anne refused to believe him. She was later put to trial again in front of a churchly body. She was found guilty of heresy, and was sentenced to excommunication, banishment from the Massachusetts Bay Colony, and exiled from the state of Massachusetts.
  • Anne Moved

    Anne Moved
    After her trial, Anne and her family left Massachusetts and moved to the colony of Providence. From there, they settled in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Right after settling there, Anne started spreading her ideas and beliefs throughout the colony.
  • Anne Clashes with the Governor of the Colony.

    Anne Clashes with the Governor of the Colony.
    Like the Massachusetts Bay Colony, people in Portsmouth didn't approve of her interpretation of the scriptures and her assertive behavior. She decided to hold a rebellion toward the governor William Coddington. She was able to temporarily overthrow the government.
  • The Hutchinsons Move Again

    The Hutchinsons Move Again
    After Coddington lost the position of governor, William Hutchinson was elected president of the county. However, not long after his election, Coddington regained his position as governor with the help of the Massachusetts Bay Colony authorities. The Hutchinsons then decided to move from Portsmouth and join a settlement in Newport.
  • William Hutchinso Dies

    William Hutchinso Dies
    William Hutchinson dies when they are living in Newport. Due to fear of Massachusetts raiding and capturing Newport, Anne moves with her 6 youngest kids to the Dutch colony of New Netherlands (current day NY, Connecticut, and NJ).
  • Anne Dies

    Anne Dies
    Anne and her family are attacked by a group of Indians in a battle between two tribes. All of her family except her youngest daughter (who was taken captive) were killed.
  • Statue Built for Anne Hutchinson

    Statue Built for Anne Hutchinson
    A statue was built in honor of Anne Hutchinson in front of the Boston Court House. There is a sculpture of Anne holding her youngest daughter's hand on the statue.