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In History
  • Baptism

    Anne Hutchinson, originally born as Anne Marbury, she was baptized the day she was born.
  • Marriage

    She was married to William Hutchinson for 29 years. He was an English mariner, privateer, author, and inventor who developed parabolic reflectors for lighthouses and made contributions in establishing the first lifeboat station.
  • Family

    Anne Hutchinson was the daughter of a deacon, which means her father worked for the church and he taught her how to be skeptical and question some teachings of the Church of England, and stand up to people. In her later years, she had a son in 1613, and three daughters.
  • Sailing to America

    Sailing to America
    Anne Hutchinson and her family sailed to America in late 1634, following John Cotton who joined the Puritan colonies. She and her family hoped that religious freedom would be favorable.
  • Weekly meetings

    Weekly meetings
    Anne conducted weekly meetings in her home to discuss the ministers' sermons, sometimes gathering 60-80 people. She talked about spirit-centered theology which meant that God's grave could be directly bestowed through faith.
  • What she was mainly known for

    What she was mainly known for
    Anne Hutchinson was mainly known for being a New England religious leader and one of few to sail to the new world, early on. She was also known for being an important contributor in Controversy about the Massachusetts Bay Colony, and never being afraid to stand up for herself, or others. Generally, he believed faith alone is necessary to salvation-she said God gave her this belief.
  • Goals

    Anne Hutchinson's main goal was to speak up. She was determined to no longer be viewed as inferior or morally feeble. She always knew how to respectfully form an opinion and express her thoights.
  • Trial

    In 1637, when Henry Vane was replaced by Governor John Winthrop, the orthodox party decided to deal with the rivals. On November 7th, 1637, Hutchinson was put on trial on the charge of maligning the Puritan ministers and endorsing disturbing opinions. Winthrop presided over the trial.
  • Speech

    Hutchinson is also known for one of her short, but courageous speeches with Governor John Winthrop. She spoke up for herself, instead of letting him charge her, without knowing what it was.
  • Leaving Boston

    Leaving Boston
    Hutchinson and many of her followers left Boston in 1638 and left to the settlement that was established by Roger Williams at Providence, in Rhode Island. The group established a home in Portsmouth and chose a new government which allowed trial by jury and separation of church and state.
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    Anne Hutchinson was born on July 20th, 1591, and was unfortunately assassinated during a massacre in August of 1643, two years after her husband's death.