Animation & Acting in the RESIDENT EVIL Series

Timeline created by marshallgranger
  • Resident Evil

    Resident Evil
    First game in the franchise is released for Playstation.
    It was an early Playstation game and falls along pretty basic standards for character and environment designs. The characters 3D polygonal would only walk and run, fire guns and make defensive arm gestures.
    Each backdrop is a fixed design, and the camera angles are pre-determined, which worked in the game's advantage as it enhanced the claustrophobic, helpless terror.
  • Resident Evil 2

    Resident Evil 2
    Model animations get more praise for realistic presence.
    Voice actors become more prevelant, and Alyson Court is introduced as Claire Redfield, and continues the role throughout the series.
  • Resident Evil 3

    Resident Evil 3
    The third installment improved mostly on the graphical quality and attention of the surroundings of the main character. The backdrops were more varied, explosieves were introduced in unexpected spots.
    The placement of items also became randomized.