Andrew Jackson- AJ

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  • Andrew Jacksons birth date

    Andrew Jacksons birth date
    Andrew Jackson was born in Waxhaw, South Carolina
  • dad died

    dad died
    Andrew Jackson ( Andrew Jacksons dad) died no place said were he died. not stated how
  • brother dies

    brother dies
    Jacksons older brother died at the age of 18 not said how
  • Other brother dies

    Other brother dies
    Jacksons other older brother dies at the age of 15 not stated how
  • His mother died

    His mother died
    Elizabeth Hutchinson Jackson died in Charleston, South Carolina. Not stated how
  • studied law

    studied law
    Jackson studied law in Salisbury, North Carolina. He became a lawyer for accouple years before being president
  • Admitted to the bar

    Admitted to the bar
    He admitted to the bar where he practiced in McLean Ville, North Carolina and Tennessee
  • became solicitor

    became solicitor
    He became Solicitor of western district of North Carolina what is now Tennessee.
  • Marriage

    Andrew Jackson gets married to Rachel Donelson Robards they had no children. She was also married before but got a divorce
  • House Of Representatives

    House Of Representatives
    He became US House Of Representatives from Tennessee.
  • US Senate

    US Senate
    He became the US senate form Tennessee. He soon resigned after being elected due to finical reasons.
  • Moved and got a new job

    Moved and got a new job
    He moved to Hermitage near Nashville, Tennessee and started working in planting and mercantile pursuits
  • Became Judge

    Became Judge
    Andrew Jackson became judge of the supreme court of Tennessee
  • was in a duel

    was in a duel
    Jackson killed Charles Dickinson in a duel because Charles accused him of cheating on a horse race and then insulted his wife.
  • Commander

    He was commander of the Tennessee militia and served against Creek Indians
  • Expedition

    expedition against creek Indians who massacred garrison at Fort Mims, Ala.
  • wounded

    Andrew Jackson was wounded in affray with the brothers Thomas Hart Benton and Jesse Benton
  • Promoted

    He was promoted to major general in the US army
  • Treaty

    Jackson negotiated Treaty with the Creek Indians. It removed tribes and made room for white settlers
  • Campaign

    He began the first Florida Campaign because war was declared and he wanted to do something about all the Indiana's and the white settlers.
  • Awarded

    Jackson received thanks of congress and was awarded a gold medal by resolution
  • Was Fined

    Was Fined
    Jackson was fined 1000 dollars by judge Dominick A. Hall for contempt of court
  • Captured and defeated Seminoles

    Captured and defeated Seminoles
    Jackson captured St. Marks, Fla., and defeated the Seminoles
  • nominated

    Jackson was nominated for president by Tennessee legislature
  • unsuccessful for presidency

    unsuccessful for presidency
    He didn't win president. He got the popular vote but the House of the representatives chose John Quincy Adams.
  • Rachels death

    Rachels death
    Andrew Jacksons wife died at the age of 61 not stated how she died
  • Became president

    Became president
    Andrew became president for 2 terms (8 years)
  • Degree

    He got his Degree conferred by Harvard. Josiah Quincy said that Jackson should be seen to have an honorable degree of Doctor Of laws.
  • End of presidency

    End of presidency
    Andrew Jackson left office after 8 years on march 3, 1837
  • Andrew Jackson died

    Andrew Jackson died
    he died at the age of 78. He died in Nashville, Tennessee. Died due to heart Disease and Tuberculosis