Ancient japan

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  • 100

    Iron and Rice are imported with the migration.

    rice and iron are imported into Japan by the migration of the Yayoi.
  • 100

    A new religion is introduced.

    shintoism becomes the national religion.
  • 200


    Sushi is invented into Japan
  • 239

    First visit

    first visit by a Japanese envoy to China
  • 250

    Shintoism statue is found

    the shintoist shrine of Ise is founded
  • 500

    Japan finds alphabet

    Japan get's introduced the chinese alphabet.
  • 550

    The term shinto is indrduced.

    the term Shinto is introduced to differentiate the native religion from Buddhism and Confucianism
  • 593

    Prince premotes buddism

    prince Shotoku of the Soga clan rules Japan and promotes Buddhism
  • Nov 1, 600

    Mission to china

    prince Shotoku sends the first official Japanese mission to China
  • Nov 1, 607

    Buddhist temple is built

    Shotoku builds the Buddhist temple Horyuji in the Asuka valley
  • Period:
    Nov 1, 607

    AD - BC period