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    1.8Million-143,000Years ago Homo Erectus lived

    1.8Million-143,000Years ago Homo Erectus lived
    1.They were Between about 1.89 million and 143,000 years ago
    Homo Erectus were the first ape species that were related to our ancestors. They are the oldest ape species that are related to human beings.
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    Ancient Egyptian Scribes 3400BCE

    Ancient Egyptian Scribes 3400BCE
    3400BCE and 3200 BCE The Ancient Egyptian’s scribes used hierogliphics. They were used to preserve the history and beliefs of their civilization. Abydos, and Maya were the first cities that they were found in.
  • May 8, 700

    The Minoan Time 2600BCE-1200BCE

    The Minoan Time 2600BCE-1200BCE
    2600BCE- 1200BCE The Minoans lived in the centre of an island, near a volcano. They Were notorious for symbolizing the minatour. With Human like Features with a bull head. However the civilization ended to a volcanic eruption
  • Feb 6, 1000

    2000BCE Mayan beauty

    2000BCE Mayan beauty
    2000 BCE to AD 250.The Mayan civilization diffentiated each other with their status. Commoners wore simple clothing. Wealthy people would wear fancy jewellery and colourful clothing. What the Mayans saw as beauty was a Long sloping forhead and slightly crossed eyes. When a baby was born they would pressure the babies head, with a board.
  • Feb 6, 1150

    1792BCE Hammurabi code

    1792BCE Hammurabi code
    1792 BCE - 1750 BCE Hammuarabi law code was developed. It’s the laws that we base our new and informed laws on general society.
  • Feb 6, 1300

    1474BCE Hatsgepust

    1474BCE Hatsgepust
    1474 BCE 1457 BCE
    Hatsgepust was a pharoh. She dressed as a male to seize throne for herself, once her husband had died. Once her Thutmoses III took over the army she mysteriousy went missing.
  • Feb 6, 1425

    RAMES II Tomb 1303BCE

    RAMES II Tomb 1303BCE
    1303BCE-1213 BCE Rames II was the king that was princed at the age of 14. He was burried in the valley of kings in a secret room near Tut Tut’tomb. He lived well into his 80’s and was buried with all of his children.
  • Feb 6, 1475

    1260BCE Trojan War

    1260BCE Trojan War
    1260BCE and 1240 BCE Ancient Greece conflicted the Trojan War. Which was well known for the Greek Gods and trojan princes. It’s one of the longest wars in history. At the time had very advance tactics with the Trojan horse
  • 771BCE Brother of Rome

    771BCE Brother of Rome
    771-BCE to 728BCE Romulus and Remus, who, taken as historical figures, would have been born around 771 BCE.They were purported to be sons of Rhea Silvia and Mars, the god of war. Where Romulus killed his brother. Shortening Romulus and Remus to Rome which means the little boy from rome.
  • 507BCE Athenian Democracy

    507BCE Athenian Democracy
    507BCE-322 BCE Grece became a democracy.
    The Athenians were being ruled by this small group of people who were ruthless. So instead of this small group ruling all these people, with these bad laws. The Athenians took over and created democracy. To have a fair government where everyone counts,instead of all this power to a small amount of people.
  • 359BCE Philip II Macedon Reign

    359BCE Philip II Macedon Reign
    359 - 336 BCE Philip II Macedon was the king Of the ancient greece Kingdom. Where his military skills made him one of the deadliest kings of Greece. However, he was assassinated.
  • 44BCE Julius Caesar Died

    44BCE Julius Caesar Died
    100BCE-44BCE,Julius Caesar said his last words as he was assassinated “E Tu Brutus”. It means and you too Brutus. Julius was attacked by a group of senators along with Marcus Brutus.
  • 476AD, Collapse of Rome

    476AD, Collapse of Rome
    Rome began in 771BCE-476AD. However it fell at 476AD,was the date rome fell as a empire. The emperor during that time was Romulus Augustus. When the goths and vandals attacked Rome. These tribes wanted a better climate in europe. Secondly the overthrow from Odoacer and his followers helped and killed the emepror. Which also caused complete chaos in Rome
  • 529AD,Justinian Code

    529AD,Justinian Code
    529AD - 565AD In the the law code innocent until proven guilty was established. The man who established the law was Justinian I. He completly reworked the legal system,updated and created laws. It went by Justianian code.
  • 1095AD, Urban II Crusades

    1095AD, Urban II Crusades
    1095AD-1291AD, Pope Ubran II launched these holy wars. They were called crusades. These crusades would happen when any person or group threatened Christendom. They thought torturing people who didn’t believe in it would cleanse their sins.
  • 1200AD,The Start of Gothic Architecture

    1200AD,The Start of Gothic Architecture
    Gothic archictecture started in 1200AD france -1600AD.All Gothic pieces,buildings,etc was known of a French esq style. Gothic architecture evolved from Romansque style. the Alcobaça Monastery, was a famous church that was early developed in gothic architecture.
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