Amy Poehler's Life in "Yes Please"

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  • Amy Poehler is Born

    Eileen Poehler gives birth to Amy Meredith Poehler in Newton, Massachusetts.
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    First Encounter With Improv

    Amy had her first encounter with improv in the fourth grade. She acted as Dorothy in "The Wizard of Oz" play and didn't follow the script for a moment, which made the adults in the room laugh.
  • First Major Important Passing

    Amy's grandfather died of a heart attack at the age of 65 on Amy's house's front porch when she was 10.
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    First Trip to SNL

    Amy took a trip to New York City her sophomore year of high school and got to visit 30 Rockefeller Plaza for the first time.
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    Boston College/ My Mother's Fleabag

    Amy attended Boston College after high school where she majored in Media and Communications. She also participated in My Mother's Fleabag, the oldest improvisational group on campus.
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    Living in Chicago

    Amy moved to Chicago where she took part in the ImprovOlympic theater group and soon became a member of the Upright Citizens Brigade.
  • Hired at SNL

    Hired at SNL
    Amy gets her dream job of working on "Saturday Night Live."
  • Marriage to Will Arnett

    Marriage to Will Arnett
    Amy married Will Arnett.
  • Archie Arnett is Born

    Archie Arnett is Born
    Amy gives birth to her first son, Archibald William Emerson Arnett (or Archie Arnett for short).
  • "Parks and Recreation" Debuts

    "Parks and Recreation" Debuts
    "Parks and Recreation" debuts on television with Amy Poehler as the lead character Leslie Knope.
  • Abel Arnett is Born

    Abel Arnett is Born
    Amy Poehler gives birth to her second son, Abel James Arnett.
  • Split From Will Arnett

    Split From Will Arnett
    Amy and Will Arnett announce they are splitting up.
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    Week In Haiti

    Amy spent a week in Haiti that changed her outlook on life in a positive way.
  • Hosting The Golden Globes for the First Time

    Hosting The Golden Globes for the First Time
    Tina Fey and Amy co-hosted The Golden Globes for the very first time.
  • Sharita Finds Amy's Laptop

    Sharita Finds Amy's Laptop
    Amy loses her laptop that has her autobiography work on it at the LAX airport and Sharita J. Fields emailed her saying her laptop was found. When Amy arrived at the LAX lost and found, she explained the whole story to Sharita and promised to thank Sharita in her book, which she did.
  • The Release of "Yes Please"

    The Release of "Yes Please"
    Amy released her autobiography, "Yes Please," to the public.