American Revolution

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  • Treaty of Paris

    Britain clamed all land east of the Mississippi. British colonists began to settle on the Ohio river valley. The Native Americans attacked the colonists desroying their forts so the British couldent protect the settlers
  • Proclamation of 1763

    colonist were not allowed by the British to settle west of the Appalachian Mountains.
    British sent troops to guard and prevent settlers from crossing over the boundry.
    The colonists were angry for being restricted but British were angry that the colonists dident pay for protection
  • Sugar Act

    There was a tax on Sugar and Molasses.
    This tax did not effect many
  • Stamp Act

    Tax on legal documents, newspapers, and bassicaly and piece of paper used.
    stamp act Congress formed to organize a boycott.
    The act was eventually repealed.
  • Quartering acts

    the Quartering acts band soldiers from using the colonists houses and food for themselves.
  • writs of assistance

    enforcement of the townshend duties.
  • townshend acts

    taxes on glass, oil passed british parliament
  • boston massacre

    the killing of five colonists by boston redcoats or troops
  • tea act

    taxes on tea and sugars.
  • boston tea party

    dumping of tea into the boston harbor
  • intolerable acts

  • 1st continental congress

    meet in Philadelphia. it band all trade with britian.
  • lexington

    first battle of revolution. know for the quote " the shot heard around the world.
  • concord

    one of the first major battles of the revolution.
  • 2nd continental congress

  • ft. ticonderoga

  • bunker hill

    known for a famous quote. " dont fire untill you see the whites of their eyes"
  • common sense

    published by thomas paine in 1776 it increased public support for american independence.
  • battle of new york

    British wanted to capture newyork city. british attacked washington and inflicted heavy casualties washington avoided capture. british occupy newyork city for the rest of the war.
  • battle of trenton

    december 25 washington launched a surprise attack and captured over 800 hessian pioneers.
  • declaration of independence

    based on the philosophy of John locke unaliable rights.
  • battle of princeton

    january 1777 washington captures another 300 british soldiers at princton new jersey.
  • battle of saratoga

  • winter at valley forge

    washington and his troops were in valley forge in need of clothing food etc. some of the troops died of frost bite.
  • battle of york town

  • treaty of paris

  • Period: to

    The French And Indian War