Al Capone

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  • Birth

    Alphonse Gabriel "Al" Capone was born on January 17, 1899. He was a good student, until he turned the age of 14, he got expelled from his school for hitting a teacher. He was then influenced by gang activities, and decided to join them. His future began from there.. “Al Capone Timeline.” Create Infographic - Sign In,
  • Al Capone becomes "Scar Face"

    Al Capone becomes "Scar Face"
    One night, a New York Hood, Frankie Yale walks into the dance hall with his sister Lena and his date. Al Capone noticed Lena and started smiling. He kept on staring and staring until she felt embarrassed and told her brother Frank. Frank then politely asks Capone to stop. Then, Capone leans in and whispers to her "bleep bleep bleep". Then Frankie had enough, he pulled out his pocket-knife and slashed Capone 3 times in the face. And that is how he got the name Scar Face
  • Al Capone's Marriage

    Al Capone's Marriage
    Al Capone marries Mae Josephine Coughlin, and that same year they have a son who they called, Albert "Sonny" Francis Capone. (extra slide)
  • First Moments of Gang Activities

    First Moments of Gang Activities
    In Al Capone's early 20s, he decided to move to Chicago to get an advantage for smuggling money, illegal beverages, etc. Despite his foolish acts, Capone became a very well-known celebrity for donating to Charities. He was viewed by many as the Modern Day Robbin Hood. “Al Capone.” FBI, FBI, 18 May 2016,
  • AL Capone moves his gang HQ

    AL Capone moves his gang HQ
    AL Capone moves his gang's headquarters to Cicero, Illinois. He did that because a new mayor was elected, William Emmett Dever. He put a lot of stress of Al Capone's Buisness, therefore, he moved. Curran, Oisin. “How 'Scarface' Al Capone Became the Original Gangster.” HowStuffWorks, HowStuffWorks, 14 Feb. 2020,
  • Authority moved on to Capone

    Authority moved on to Capone
    Johnny Torrio Retires, and puts Al Capone on charge. They had both defeated many Mob Bosses that have been a threat or challenge to them. They keep on rising but Johnny decides to retire and trusts Al Capone to continue his legacy. Erb, Kelly Phillips. “Al Capone Sentenced To Prison For Tax Evasion On This Day In 1931.” Forbes, Forbes Magazine, 18 Oct. 2018,
  • St. Valentine's Massacre

    St. Valentine's Massacre
    Four of Capone's men entered the George "Bugs" Moran's North Gang Headquarters dressed as Police Men. Bugs' men thought it was a normal raid so the surrendered their weapons but all of a sudden, Capone's men whip out their Tommy guns and fire 150 bullets at the men, hoping to kill the Boss. But, Bugs was on the opposite street while that happened.
  • Tax Envision

    Tax Envision
    The U.S Department had been collecting evidence of Tax Evasion charges. He was charged 11 years to Fed Prison, as well as, $270,000+ on additional charges. Capone was locked up in Cook County Jail. Upon denial of appeals, he entered the U.S. Prison at Atlanta, serving his sentence there and at Alcatraz.
  • Death

    After Capone's release, he spent a short amount of time in the hospital. He returned to Palm Island where he lived peacefully as he couldn't run the outfit. On January 21,1947, he had an apoplectic stroke. He soon regained conscience until pneumonia settled in on January 24. He died the next day from Cardiac Arrest.