Adolph Hitler

Timeline created by Nicholas Miles
  • Birth

    Adolph Hitler was born on this day.
  • Death of father

    Hitler's dad died on this day. He was 14 years old.
  • Death of mother

    His mother died this time.
  • Broke life

    Hitler sold everything he had and went homless and broke.
  • journalist

    Adolf Hitler became a Journalist.
  • Army

    Hitler had signed up for the army.
  • Serving

    Serves in World War I as a runner for the 16th Bavarian Reserve Regiment
  • Wound

    Adolf Hitler was wounded by an enemy shell and evacuated to a Berlin area hospital.
  • Führer Conference

    Hitler was comfortable enough to call his top military aides together at the "Führer Conference".
  • Investigation

    Hitler had to investigate this group in Munich.
  • Start of the Nazi's

    This is when Hitler started the Nazi.
  • Prison

    Sent to prison for a failed coup d'etat
  • Award

    Granted German Citizenship
  • Chancellor

    Becomes Chancellor of the Nazi Party
  • Power

    In a legal way conferred dictatorial powers on Adolf Hitler
  • Violence

    Violates the Treaty of Versailles by building a massive military force.
  • The Holocaust

    Orders the Nazi Party to begin carrying out the "Final Solution of the Jewish Question" or The Holocaust
  • Wants of War.

    Declares war against the United States
  • Defeat

    Becomes increasingly erratic after being defeated at the Battle of Stalingrad
  • Death

    He commited suicide.
  • Period: to

    Adolph Hitler