Acids and Bases

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    Ions in a Solution

    Svante Arrhenius was able to establish the indisputable facts that ions exist in a aqueous solution. His efforts did win him a Nobel Peace prize. It is true that the H+ ions and the OH- ions he discovered are very important to a chemists' work.
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    Brønsted Papers

    Brønsted was a major influence in the study of acids and bases, and became known as somewhat an authority on the like. These were his first papers on electron affinity.
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    Concept of pH

    In 1909 (specific month and date not known) Søren Peder Lauritz Sørensen discovered the concept to the pH scale. However, it wasn't completely understood and usable for another fifteen years.
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    Protonic Theory

    Brønsted published papers once more, this time being his protonic theory on acid-base reactions. This was another contribution he made to further the study of acids and bases
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    Lewis' Papers

    Gilbert N. Lewis proposed his electronic theory of acids and bases the same year that Brønsted published his papers. Though they were both very distinct hypotheses, they complimented one another.