A dingo took my baby

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  • Azaria Chamberlain

    Azaria Chamberlain
    Today Azaria Chantel Loren Chamberlain was born. She was born at Mount Isa, Queensland Australia. Her parents are Lindsy and Micheal Chamberlian.
  • Arriving at camp

    Arriving at camp
    The family set off to go camping at Uluru also known as Ayers Rock. This is somthing that the family does all the time, they loved just to go out into the wildeness.
  • Azaria gone missing

    Azaria gone missing
    When the morning came the family went to the tent she was in and found her to be missing. The family called the police, the police had a massive search and nothing was found. Lindsy and Micheal said from the start that they saw a dingo come out of the tent. All that Linsdy could say was "A dingo took my baby!!"
  • Something found

    Something found
    A week later the police had found Azaria's jump suit that she was wearing on the night she was taken.
  • The car search

    The car search
    The police desided that they were going to give the family a complete car search to see if they had got any evidence.

    Lindy was heavily pregnant and was found guilty of 1st Degree Murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. Michael, as accessory after the fact, receives an eighteen month suspended sentence.
  • fourth child

    fourth child
    Kahlia born in custody.
  • Lindy sees matinee jacket

    Lindy finally gets to sees her daughthers matinee jacket and positively identifies it as hers.
  • A new rule

    A new rule of Parliament is forced. There for they allow the Chamberlain's to return to court to clear their convictions.
  • Saved

    The Chamberlians are saved because Lindy is relised
  • The divorce

    Lindy tells Michael she wants a divorce.
  • The final divorce

    The Chamberlain's divorce becomes final. Kahlia chooses to live with Michael and visit Lindy, Reagan stays with Lindy and visits Michael. Aidan divides his time between the two homes.
  • Lindy meets Rick

    Lindy meets Rick Creighton during a speaking tour of the USA.
  • propose

    Rick proposes marriage and Lindy accepts.
  • The Marriage

    Rick and Lindy are married, and choose to live in Washington State, USA.